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Table of Contents

Astro Cricket Live App/APK Download Version 1.5

Searching for Astro Cricket Live APK? To download Astro Cricket Live APK click on the download button but I will suggest you read and know more about Astro Cricket Live APK or App.

Purpose Of This APK:

This app is built for entertainment purposes and it is an android app that allows its users to watch live cricket matches. Maybe we can call it a streaming APK. You can also watch cricket by using this APK.

Introduction To Astro Cricket Live APK:

Astro Cricket Live APK is a popular app that lets you watch cricket on your Android device. With this app, you can save time and easily keep up with matches while going about your daily tasks. In Malaysia, you can check live cricket scores and get updates conveniently with Astro Cricket Live APK. It’s a great way to stay informed about cricket matches without wasting time.Where This APP Is More Popular:

We checked about this app and gathered some info about this android device’s application and now we can say that this app/apk is one of the most famous and well-known channels in the country (Malaysia).

Popularity Of This APK:

This app is famous in Malaysia which means Malaysians liked this app really and Pakistanis are also searching and downloading this app.

Audience Of This APK:

This app is made and launched for cricket fans who want to know live scores of cricket matches, this app will help them a lot.

Why You Should Download Astro Cricket Live APK:

If you are a cricket fan then you will know the importance of cricket matches for a cricket lover belongs from any country. Cricket is the most famous physical game in the world and it has many fans.

The people which are busy with their business and other tasks and if they are unable to go to watch the T.V or live matches. Then Astro Cricket Live APK will be a good choice for you to download and use the app for cricket live score updates.

How to use Astro Cricket Live Apk?

If you are new to an android device. And don’t have the idea to download and install Apps/APK on your android phone.

Don’t worry it is easy to download this APK/App file and install it on your android mobile phone to use this app. 

You can read this given article maybe it will help you to know some more interesting. Otherwise, if you didn’t understand I will provide some installation methods, you can read and install Astro Cricket Live APK or App on your device.

Astro Cricket Live APK is user-friendly. Before using this app, you need to get and download the Apk file with security.

Once you have installed the application you will see a number of buttons, including a menu bar as well as an exit button as well as other buttons that are useful.
With this guide, you will be able to use the application or take part in the games.

Features of Astro Cricket Live APK:

Free APK:

Astro Cricket Live is a free android application and there are no charges to download this app. Many apps nowadays are paid or charge some amount to download the app but this is a good fact that it is available for free to download.


User Interface matters more than all other features of the app because there are different applications that are difficult to use and understand the interface but this (Astro Cricket Live APK) will be a nice app of its interface. It is easy to use and understand the app.

Different Languages:

English is a language that is available on most android apps because it is an international language that is easy and most countries can understand it but if an android app has various languages then it is a very nice thing to be noted.

Astro Cricket Live APK has various languages in it and you can select these languages according to your region or interest.


Performance wise Astro Cricket Live APK is a good application for android users and you can download Astro Cricket Live APK for its speed and performance.

Less Space:

This app has just 14-15 Mbs size so it is a less space-taking application for android users. Many people have low-budget phones with low memory so don’t worry. Downloading Astro Cricket Live APK will not take too much space.

But if you have any memory/space issue with your android mobile phone. We have some useful tools to get most of your mobile phone and free up space by deleting some temporary files. You can check these tools on our website (CashModAPK).

Safe And Secure:

Using and downloading this APK is virus free. It is a safe app to use and download.

No Registration:

This app doesn’t need registration to use it. It means it will not waste your time on the registration process. But maybe in the future, this app needs registration to use Astro Cricket Live APK.


This application is created by Muiz Murad and we are just sharing this app. Credit goes to the owner of this app.

Note:  If the owner wants to delete this application from our website just email us I will delete this app from CashModAPK.


How to download Astro Cricket Live APK?

By clicking on download but you can download Astro Cricket Live APK for free.

How to install APK?

After downloading any APK file click on the downloaded file and a new small tab will be open and you will see options on this app. Click on the install button.

What features does Astro Cricket offer to cricket fans?

Astro Cricket offers a wide range of features for cricket enthusiasts, including live scores, match highlights, news updates, player statistics, and interactive polls.

How does Astro Cricket keep users updated with live cricket scores?

Astro Cricket provides real-time updates of live cricket scores, ensuring users stay informed about ongoing matches.

Can users watch live cricket matches on Astro Cricket?

Yes, users can watch live cricket matches on Astro Cricket, providing an immersive viewing experience for cricket fans.

Does Astro Cricket provide highlights and replays of cricket matches?

Yes, Astro Cricket offers highlights and replays of cricket matches, allowing users to catch up on key moments they might have missed.

Are there any interactive elements or games available on Astro Cricket?

Yes, Astro Cricket includes interactive elements such as polls and quizzes, offering users an engaging experience beyond just watching matches.

How does Astro Cricket compare to other cricket apps available in the market?

Astro Cricket distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive suite of features, including live scores, match highlights, and interactive content, making it a top choice among cricket apps.

Is Astro Cricket available on multiple platforms, such as mobile devices and web browsers?

Yes, Astro Cricket is available on various platforms, including mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, as well as a web browser version for desktop users.

Can users personalize their experience on Astro Cricket, such as selecting favorite teams or players?

Yes, users can personalize their experience on Astro Cricket by selecting their favorite teams, players, and tournaments, ensuring they receive tailored updates and content.

Are there any subscription plans or fees associated with accessing premium features on Astro Cricket?

Yes, Astro Cricket offers premium subscription plans for users who wish to access exclusive content and features, such as ad-free browsing and additional statistics.

How frequently is Astro Cricket updated with new content and features?

Astro Cricket is regularly updated with fresh content, including match schedules, news articles, and interactive challenges, ensuring users have a dynamic and engaging experience.


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