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Table of Contents

Audible APK For Android: 

A lot of online and offline books and android applications are available on the internet. You can find these apps from the play store or you can use google chrome to find these apps at a cheap price or at no cost. But today’s topic is Audible Audiobooks APK. 

Are you searching for an Audible APK for your android device? Stop searching get it from here. Read this article carefully, we have provided the maximum possible details to you. We tried our best to explain to you about Audible Audiobooks APK.  

If you have further confusion, we will suggest you do more research on it. 


These days many people are busy due to their duties, responsibilities, jobs, or business. People like to read books but due to less time and workload, they are not able to read books and learn something new in their life. Considering all these reasons we provided Audible APK for you. 

Audible APK

What is Audible APK? 

Audible APK is an android app by the use of this app you can read or listen to your favorite books from all over the world on your android device anytime anywhere. Audible APK/APP is a very popular app for reading or listening to books and novels etc on mobile phones.  

Many people have downloaded this app from the play store and you can also get it from there but if you want to download Audible APK from here then you can do it this task easily. Audible Audiobooks APK is also known for its podcast feature. It has more than 100 million downloads on Google PlayStore.  

According to our research, it is a Canadian app that is associated with Amazon. This is just our research as we previously mentioned if you want to know more deep detail about this app you should do more research. 

Audible Audiobooks and Podcast APK has a wide variety of different books, stories, and novels to listen to. In this APK you have a large number of topics.  

Reason Behind Popularity of Audible Audiobooks and Podcast APK: 

This is a famous application for android users and IOS users. But do you know why this app is so popular on the internet? Because Audible APK is the best app to listen to books on android and IOS devices that’s why this app is so famous. 

Countries where Audible APK is getting popularity. 

We are providing a list of regions where Audible android APK is getting popularity. 

Audible Audiobooks and podcast APK is popular in India, the USA, the Philippines, Germany, and some more countries and regions. People are searching for an Audible APK to download this for free. If you are one of them then you are on the right website. 

Requirements for This APK: 

If you want to download this APK for your mobile phone, then you have to know what are some requirements for this app. To get this application into your android device you should need android version 06 or higher because this app is not compatible with lower android versions. If anyone has an android device with lower than Android OS version 6 then this app will not work well on that device. 

Features Of Audible App: 

Some of the features of Audible are given below you can read these features and then you can enjoy a large library of different books and podcasts. 

Medium Size APK: 

Do your mobile phone have limited storage/space and you want to install this app on your mobile phone to enjoy books and podcasts? Don’t worry, this application is not much larger in size. It is a medium app that you can install on your device without any hesitation.  

This application has only 49 to 55 MB size, if you have free space available on your device around 100 MBs then you should give it a try Audible APK. 

Safe Android APK: 

As you know this application is also available on the play store then there are many chances to trust this application. The apps which are available on Google Playstore are known for their safety and security because Playstore has a high-security algorithm. So, you can download Audible APK without any tension, but you should be careful about your personal data. 

User-Friendly Design: 

Thinking about the design of Audible Audiobooks and podcast APK? This application has a user-friendly interface. Everyone can use it, and it is not as complicated as some apps with a difficult graphical user interface. Overall, the Audible app’s user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with features that make it simple to find, purchase, and listen to audiobooks. 

Audio Synchronization: 

The Audible app allows you to synchronize your audiobooks across multiple devices, so you can pick up where you left off on another device. 

Enjoy a wide range of podcasts and books: 

You can use Audible APK to listen to podcasts, novels, etc. Audible Audiobooks APK has a wide range of content so you can use it. There are hundreds of audiobooks and podcasts to listen to.


Offline means you can save podcasts offline and then you can listen to these podcasts without any internet connection. It is also a nice feature because when you have no internet connection, you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks for free. 

Sleep Timer  

The sleep timer is a convenient feature that allows you to listen to an audiobook before falling asleep without having to worry about the app playing all night.  

It is also useful if you want to listen to an audiobook while you are doing other activities and don’t want it to play for too long. You can use this feature after installing Audible Audiobooks APK on your android. 

Customized Listening Experience: 

The Audible app allows you to customize your listening experience by adjusting the narration speed and bookmarking specific points in a book. 


How to download this app from CashModAPK? 

Click on the download button to get this app into your phone. The first button will redirect you to another one then again click on it and that’s it. 

Who is the owner of Audible APK? 

Audible is a subsidiary of, Inc. In 2008, Audible was acquired by, Inc., a multinational technology company. 

How to install this app?

To install this app you should download it and then open it from the library and then click on install.

Note: This is not our own app, all credit goes to Audible owners. If you are the owner of this APK you can contact us through the contact page.

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