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Table of Contents

E2pdf APK Download For Free For Android

If you are searching for e2pdf apk to download for your android mobile phone or tablet then look no further, in this article we will explain you about this APK with questions and answers and also tell you how to download this app for free. Read this article and boost your knowledge about this app.

Purpose Of This APK:

Basically this is an android APK which is used as a backup app for sms, contacts etc. If you want to do backup of your sms, contact etc then read this article and get this app for free for your android device. This app provide backup of sms, contacts etc as PDF so thats why it’s name is also E2PDF.

Purpose of this article:

We are sharing this article for educational purpose and as a helpful purpose. This content does not encourage any illegal acitvity.

Intorduction to E2pdf Backup APK:

It is an android app which allows users to make a backup copy of their sms and contact logs etc. A user can use E2PDF for making backup of their contacts and sms. This is a free application for android users. You can download it from Google Play or CashModAPK or any other trusted website/webstore.

Where this android application is most famous nowadays:

As we always try to provide you high quality and informative content/article in easy wording, we mostly try to add a section named as (Where this app is most famous?) this includes some details about the app which you are searching for. We use some different tools to get a good result. According to you research this application/APK is mostly searched in India then Bangladesh, but mostly searches of this app are from India. So, we can say that this APK is famous in India.

Features Of E2PDF APK:

Lets discuss features of E2PDF APK.

Free to Download:

E2PDF APK/App is free to download for your android mobile or tablet device. You can gete E2PDF without paying a cent to anyone.

Easy to use:

The apps which have graphical user interface are almost easy to use but there are some apps which have complicative user interface for begginers. So if you are worried about using this app then don’t take stress, this is an easy to use android application.

Low size APK:

E2PDF is a low size APK which is easy downloadable for most of small size devices. It is only near about 11 12 or 13 Mbs, so you can download it if you don’t have too much free space on your android mobile or tablet device.

This APK does not have too many features to discuss these were some of the features which we have discussed already. Hope you have understood this staff.

Details Table:

Version12.02.2023 (#41)
APK Size11.8 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.4+ (KitKat)
Offered byTekxperiaStudios
CategoryFree Productivity App
App IDcom.tekxperiastudios.pdfexporter
Developer’s NotesDownload to get free SMS, Call Log backup & Restore with free PDF Backup option.

Questions And Answers:

Is Downloading this app free?

Yes, downloading this apps is absolutly free.

Can this app be downloaded on IOS?

No, APK is only for android but if you want to downlaod this app for IOS then maybe there is a version of this app for IOS.

How to download this APK?

To download this APK, click on download button then you will be redirected to another download button then again click on that download button.

How much space this APK use?

This APK uses space arround 11-12 or it may be use 14 mbs by installing but when you use this app then it can use some more space. Basically it depends on the user, how much users use this app?


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If you are not searching for this app or searching for a different app with a similar name then you can continue your search but if this is desired app which you were searching for then you can download it. There are many apps on internet with similar names but different functions.

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