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Table of Contents

Download Manok Na Pula APK Version 6.2 now on your android device.

Have you heard about the latest buzz in the gaming world? Well, let me explain. The Manok Na Pula APK is the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. This thrilling game is taking the gaming industry by storm, and gamers worldwide can’t get enough of it. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed game, then look no further than the Manok Na Pula APK. With its captivating storyline and stunning graphics, it’s no wonder why this game is the latest obsession among gamers. So, get ready to embark on an adventure like no other, and download the Manok Na Pula APK today!

Manok Na Pula Apk

People play games to enjoy themselves and to experience something new. There are many games of various kinds some are games are racing games, fighting games, bat ball games, etc. But some players want to play animal or bird games. If you are also searching for chicken fighting games. We have a new Manok Na Pula APK for you. This game is almost popular in Turkey. Turkish people like these types of games to enjoy these games on their android devices.

About Manok Na Pula APK:

This game was launched by TATAY (a Filipino Company) officially on the play store. We are just providing this game to the users. All these credits go to the owner of this game ( Manok Na Pula APK).

Manok Na Pula APK

Features of Manok Na Pula APK:

Check out the features of the game Manok Na Pula APK. We clearly mentioned the features of this game.


In this game, you will have a chicken that will fight against the opponent player online. You can earn rewards through it.

Online Mode:

There are different modes in this game but you can play online game mode to earn rewards in cash and find opponent players.


Manok Na Pula APK includes many different chicken characters which mean players can switch and choose their favorite chicken for enjoyment.

Manok Na Pula APK Size:

The Manok Na Pula APK has a low size of just near about 75 Mbs which means you can play it very smoothly on any device. If you have a low-storage device then don’t worry about the storage issues. This game will not take up much space.


If you are experiencing any bug/issue in this game you can leave a review about that issue on the play store.


Manok Na Pula APK has a great control system by the help of this system you can play the game smoothly.

Pro And Cons

Let’s Discuss the Pros And Cons Of Manok Na Pula APK. So first of all we will discuss the pros of Manok Na Pula APK. Here is a table of pros and cons given below, you can read it:

Safe and secure to downloadNot suitable for those who dislike fighting games
Does not affect your deviceSome people may take the game too seriously
A good game for Android users
The captivating storyline and stunning graphics
Provides an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed adventure
Enhances decision-making skills
Improves hand-eye coordination and reflexes
Offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience

What’s New:

  • Updated Version Of Manok Na Pula
  • Bug Fixed
  • User Friendly
  • Added Manok Na Kyubi
  • Added Manok Na Bulkan
  • Added 6 New Places
  • Added 3 Languages (English, Thai, Indonesia)
  • Remove Afk Penalty
  • Game Balance And Bug Fixing


What is Manok Na Pula?

Manok Na Pula is a Hen/chicken fighting game. It can be considered in action/fighting games categories.

What is APK?

Android applications (APK) files are compressed archives containing information about application programs. These files are downloaded from the internet and installed onto android devices via a special program called the Android Package Kit (APK). APK files may not always be free, but they are generally safe to download.

How To Download Manok Na Pula APK from CASHMODAPK?

If you are thinking that how to download Manok Na Pula APK from our website then read it.
Click the download button it will redirect you to another download button on this page then again click on the Download button it will start downloading, if not you can contact us.


Manok Na Pula APK is an exciting and engaging game for Android users who enjoy fighting games. With its captivating storyline and stunning graphics, this game provides a unique and thrilling gaming experience. The game is not only entertaining but also improves players’ hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and decision-making skills. However, some players may find the game too intense or take it too seriously. Despite this, Game/APK is a safe and secure game to download, and it does not affect your device. Overall, if you are a fan of action-packed fighting games, then Game/APK is worth trying out.

If you want to tell us about any issue or matter about this website or this app please contact us through the contact page we will respond to you ASAP.

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