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Naruto Senki APK Download Free

Maybe you are searching for downloading Naruto Senki Apk for your android mobile phone or tablet to play this fighting game.

First of all, you should know what this game is so we tried to explain some features and introduction of this app. We will suggest you read this before downloading Naruto Senki for your android. Let’s start with the introduction of Naruto Senki.

Intorduction of naruto senki:

If you like to play 2D games on your mobile for free then you may know about this game. But if you don’t know this game before this article I hope you will get some information about this game. Naruto Senki is a popular android game for android users. It is a fighting 2D mobile game that you can download and play for free without paying any cent to anyone. It’s an anime series that people like from all over the world. People like Japan’s anime games so it is a reason behind the popularity of this game. This game is based on anime characters. The Naruto Senki Apk can be described as a video game relating to the series in which you must play the role of Naruto and fight his foes with the 2D Game of RPGs.

Naruto Senki APK Download For Android

It’s a 2D game in which you need to take on your character, who is Naruto. But you’re not limited to one particular character. The game can be played and you will unlock more anime characters too.

It’s an offline experience that requires you to take to the field and combat your adversaries and you’ll have three different abilities to combat. If you beat your opponent, you will not be declared a winner since you will need to eliminate 3 crystals too and only then will be declared the winner.

The various characters discussed previously can be unlocked with This Naruto Senko Apk. In addition to shifting to a brand new one, you are able to play with your existing character and increase its capabilities to be able to compete with the power and skills of other characters.

Let’s discuss the levels in this game:

This is a story-based game and there are many levels in this game. Users have to clear each level to enter into a new/next level. Every level has its own difficulty and skills to win. If you win a level you will be entered into the next level then again you should do the same to enter into a new level of this game. As we previously mentioned that this is a 2D technology game so the design is almost good and the sound quality of Naruto Senki is good as other games. In addition to being able to play the game in the offline game mode, players can play with the PvP multiplayer mode, where you fight in real-time against other players.

Features Of Naruto Senki APK MOD:

There are many features of this game but we will try to discuss some main features of this game without wasting too much time.

Medium Size Game:

We always try to mention the size of APKs on our website. So in this article, we are doing the same as usual.
This is a medium size game that you can download and it will use nearly 102 to 110 Mbs space and data. Medium size games are good for all types of devices if you have a storage device like 2Gb ram then you can also play this game.

Nice User-interface (GUI):

People always want a fighting game with a good user interface or design so, that’s why Naruto Senki is a nicely designed game according to 2D technology.

Offline Mode:

The game can be played offline and without any type of assistance from the internet. Therefore, you can play the game at any time and in any location, you’d like. The offline experience of the game is an extremely well-designed story as well as different missions.

Multiplayer Mode:

There’s also an online multiplayer feature in Naruto Senki, where you can play as a character and join in PvP battles. In these battles, your adversaries will actually be and the battles will take place live-streamed.

Different Anime Characters:

The game has various anime characters, so you do not have to choose only one when playing. It is possible to complete different tasks and then you’ll unlock new characters using XP and the money you’ve earned.

Upgrade skills of characters:

If you get bored by a player/character’s skills then there is an option to upgrade your character’s skills. By doing this, you can increase your character’s effectiveness and aid to defeat the enemy of the boss.


What’s New?

  • Updated to the most recent version V6
  • All characters are locked
  • Better controls are in place now.
  • Performance has improved
  • Bug solutions.
  • Version V6 includes some tweaks but they are not major changes.

Can you download Naruto Senki APK for free?

Yes, this game is available for free so you can download it now.

How to download this game from CashModAPK?

You can download this Naruto Senki APK by clicking on the download button. The first download button will redirect to another one then again click on that button your download will start.


We Will like to mention that this is not our own developed game and we are not owners of this game. All rights of this APK are owned by its owners. If there is anything wrong with this game tell us we will try to check it.

Note for owners of this game:

If you are the owner of the game Naruto Senki and want to remove this game from our site then contact us through the contact page and we will like to respond to you ASAP.

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