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Table of Contents

OG WhatsApp APK For Android Free Download

Download Og WhatsApp For Free in 2023. If you want to download Og Whatsapp APK then you can download it after reading this article, in this blog we have provided you details about this APK.

Introduction OG WhatsApp APK?

If you don’t know about this APK then read this paragraph I hope you will understand this App. Og WhastApp is an android application. It is developed by Alex mod. It is like Gb Whatsapp APK. There are different WA Mods available on the internet and people are searching for these apps OG WA is one of them. It is a free android app to download.

Og WhatsApp APK-Download Og Whatsapp Free

Where this app is most popular?

There are many searches around the world on the internet but according to our research, this application is most searched in India. We use some tools to analyze the search volume and try to find an accurate search volume.

Features of OG WhatsApp APK:

We are discussing features of OG WhatsApp APK. You can read the features of this app below:

Free to download:

You can get this app for free. You don’t need to pay a cent to download this APK.

Medium Size APK:

The OGWA-Pro APK is a mobile application package that is approximately 56-60 megabytes in size. Developed by AlexMODs, this APK file is a medium-sized application that offers various features and functionality to its users. Its size makes it a suitable option for users who have limited storage space on their devices.

As with any mobile application, it is important to download the APK file from a reputable source to ensure the security of your device. If you are looking to download the OGWA-Pro APK file, make sure to visit the official website or trusted download page to get the latest and safest version of the application.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX):

Mobile applications should have an intuitive and visually pleasing user interface that provides an enjoyable user experience.

Dual/multiple accounts:

Users can use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same device, which can be useful for users who need to manage separate personal and work accounts.

Easy to Use APK:

This is an easy-to-use APK if you do have not any experience, you can still use this app.


This app offers a fully customizable cat screen that allows users to personalize their messaging experience. With the ability to change the action bar, bubble style, tick style, emoji sets, and more, users can tailor the app to their preferences. Additionally, this app offers the option to confirm before sending messages, disable the call button, and other useful features to enhance user convenience.

Themes and Fonts:

This app offers an unparalleled level of customization, allowing users to completely transform the look and feel of their messaging experience. With the ability to change the design and layout of the home screen, chat screen, app icon, and other aspects of the app, users can tailor every detail to their liking. This app features a vast collection of stylish themes and fonts, providing endless options for users to choose from. Whether you prefer bold and colorful designs or sleek and minimalistic aesthetics, this app has something for everyone. With the power to fully personalize your messaging app, you can make your conversations truly your own.


OGWhatsApp Pro, created by esteemed Russian developer Alex, is an exceptional modification to the popular messaging application. Users can expect regular updates, each bringing a host of new features and updates to the application, ensuring an always up-to-date and continuously improving user experience. With each update, users can expect to see innovative new features and enhancements that set OGWhatsApp Pro apart from the competition. Rest assured that with OGWhatsApp Pro, you are getting a messaging app that is not only reliable and efficient but also one that is constantly evolving to meet the needs and desires of its users.

Save/Download Status:

With this innovative application, there’s no longer a need to ask your friends to send you their stories or statuses. this app allows you to directly save images and videos from statuses, as well as copy all text stories with ease. This feature not only enhances user convenience but also ensures that you never miss out on the latest updates from your friends. But never download anyone’s privacy/private things.


OGWhatsApp provides a dedicated backup and restores feature, making it easy to transfer all of your data to a new device. This ensures that your important messages and media remain safe and secure. You can switch to OGWhatsApp without any data loss. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free transition to our top-of-the-line messaging application.

Og WhatsApp APK-Download Og Whatsapp Free

OG WhatsApp 2023 New Update:

To enjoy new features and bug fixes, it’s important to keep your apps updated. If you’re using an older version of OGWhatsApp, we highly recommend downloading the latest version for 2023. With each update, the app brings exciting new features and improvements, ensuring an enhanced user experience. Don’t miss out on the latest updates – download OGWhatsApp’s latest version now.

Details Of OG WhatsApp APK:

NameOGWA_Pro/OG WhatsApp APK
Size56 MB
Updated1 Day Ago

Questions And Answer about (OG Wa APK)

Is Og WhatsApp free to download?

Yes, as we previously mentioned that you can download Og Whatsapp APK for free.

How to download Og Whatsapp APK?

To download Og WhatsApp click on the download button then it will redirect you to another one then again click on that button hope your download will start soon.

Can the user backup and restore previous Whatsapp Data to Og Whatsapp?

Yes, according to a website you can backup and restore previous WhatsApp APK data.

Is using this app safe?

We can’t properly answer this question because this is an unofficial app so using this can affect your privacy it depends on whether you use this app or not.


All rights of this app are handled by its developers. If you are downloading this app and found any changes in this APK or issues then we are not responsible for it because we are not the owner of this app.


If developers want to remove this app from CashModAPK then contact us through the contact us page. If anyone has any issue related to this website or blog then we will suggest you contact us through the contact page.

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