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APK Size



Table of Contents

Snaptik APK Download For Free:

Download Snaptik APK for free from CashModAPK. We always try to provide virus-free apps for our audience’s privacy and security.

Introduction to Snaptik APK:

Get this amazing android tool for free on your android device and start using and downloading videos. Snaptik is a tiktok video downlaoding APK with no-mark.

It is a free tool to save TikTok videos, statuses, etc on your android phone. It is scanned by our virus detectors so you can use it without any issues. You can download TikTok videos with no mark by use of this APK.

SnapTik APK

Why this SnapTik APK is famous:

This APK is a free and useful APK for TikTok lovers because it allows you to save offline videos from TikTok on your mobile phone.
People like to download APK files to their mobile devices and computers for various purposes.

Why Should I Download Snaptik APK:

You have to note these points before downloading SnapTik APK.

  • No need to register.
  • No-Mark Video.
  • No need to provide your information.
  • Good App for downloading tiktok videos.

Many more features are given below you can read more features.

Features of Snaptik APK:

There are many features of SnapTik APK/APP that you should know before using SnapTik.

Safe app:

This is a safe app to download and use this app but because this is not on the play store so you should have to be careful after downloading this application.

Fast Download:

Snaptik APK is a free and fast TikTok videos downloader, but after downloading the video from SnapTik you should not use these videos for commercial use without the permission of the creator of the video or the owner.

Download Video In Background:

Do you like to do multiple tasks at the same time? You can do this now. You can download videos and use another app at the same time. Snaptik APK allows background video downloading. This is a nice feature for multi-taskers.

Download Speed Boost:

You can also boost download speed while downloading videos. After applying the download boost video will be downloaded fast.


It has a built-in media/video player you can use this video player to play videos in Snaptik APK. This is also a nice feature to play TikTok videos in the app after downloading.

HD Video Downloader:

It allows you to download all HD format TikTok videos for free. You just need to install this app first then you can use this feature of the SnapTik APP/APK.

Built Album:

Built album means users can use these features to view photos/images in the app. This works like an image gallery.

Low Size:

We often try to describe the size of provided android applications. It is good to know about the size of the app which you are downloading. As usual, if you have a low storage device or a large memory device you can download this app with just 46-55 Mbs space.

Preview Video Feature:

Users can preview it before downloading the video. It means you can check the video that you are downloading is right or another video.

User-Friendly Interface:

The interface of an app would be interesting and attractive. Snaptik APK also has a nicely designed user interface to attract users. So it is not a boring app.

Now let’s discuss some questions about the Snaptik APK android application.

Can I use the SnapTik APK app for free?

Yes, You can get this application without any cost to us.

Can I share downloaded videos?

Of course not, according to TikTok you can’t share anyone’s video/content without their permission. You should take permission from the owner to share their content without a watermark. We are not responsible if you share anyone’s video without their permission.

How to use this APK and download videos?

First of all download SnapTik APK from CashModAPK or from anywhere then install it on your android device. Now go to TikTok and click on the share button copy the link and paste it into the SnapTik browser, then you will be able to download the video.


This is not our own created app and we are not responsible for any change in the app. All rights are controlled by the owner of this app.

This is not TikTok’s own application. If TikTok or the owner of the Snaptik App wants to remove this APK from CashModAPK just send a mail to us and we will remove this application.

How To Download APK From CashModAPK.COM?

Click on the download button it will redirect you to another button which is present at the end of this page then click on this button your download will start but if any problem occurs for some time then don’t worry try again and refresh the page.

If the download link doesn’t work for a long time contact us through the contact page we will check and try to update the link.

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