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ShareChat APK Download For Free

ShareChat Apk Download for free. Get the ShareChat app into your android device for free download and install the ShareChat APK to enjoy on your mobile phone. 

Note For Owners: 

If you are the owner of this app we welcome you to our site, we are not spreading any illegal activity about ShareChat. We are just sharing this. If you want to remove your app from our site kindly contact us through our contact page by your signature or ShareChat email, and we will remove this app from our site.

Intorduction to ShareChat APK

  • ShareChat has officially been launched by the ShareChat company so all the rights of this app own by ShareChat. We are just sharing this on our site. 
  • ShareChat is one of the most powerful and well-known social media apps for Android users. It is used by many millions of people making use it every day. It is user-friendly and has a great number of functions. 
  • The app (ShareChat) isn’t just for streaming videos but it is suitable to share images, music live streaming, images, and many more. The principal reason for using this app is the fact that it doesn’t require registration. the app does not require a registration procedure. 

Why download ShareChat APK 

There are many different apps on the internet that allow you to share your photos, videos, and music and get a fan following them but these apps are different from each other each and every app has a different function. Some APKs/apps are good, some are nice and some are useful apps. So ShareChat is one of the useful and high-security apps for android users it does not leak any kind of personal data of the user.  

So if you want to download this app we will recommend you to download ShareChat APK. 

Features Of ShareChat APK 

ShareChat app/APK has some useful features you shall need to know before installing this application on your device. These features are given below. 

Create Chatting Rooms: 

As you know this is a social app like TikTok, FB, Instagram, etc, So you can create your private chatting rooms here like chatting groups. You can group chat on this app with your friends and family anyone. You can send messages to each other. 


One of the best features of ShareChat APK is that this APK has many different languages. ShareChat APK is an Indian app so it supports the maximum number of Indian languages which are spoken in India. It also supports the Urdu language. You can select any language according to your region or expertise. 

Free Download: 

Wonderful fact, this app is free to download by the company so you can download it free and enjoy its free features. 

Different themes and displays: 

Some people want to customize their chat rooms to make them attractive for themselves or for other users. You can choose various themes for your chat rooms. By default themes are nice but if you want to make them more engaging and attractive you can change the themes of ShareChat chatting rooms. 

Share/Upload Videos: 

Wow, you can share your videos here. If you are the creator or have some skills like video editing, content creating, photo editing, or any kind of talent and you want to show your skills or talent to other users and want to be popular so you can share your videos on Sharechat it will share your videos to other users and they can follow you for any kind of interest. 

Get Followers For Free: 

Nowadays people are getting famous through the use of these kinds of apps. You can also be famous by using this app, as I write in the above part you can also get followers and fans for free by sharing your knowledge and showing skills to other users. 

Share Status: 

Do you want to share your status with your friends and family or anyone? You can share your status by just uploading any video, photo, music, or post. Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook are all apps that have the same option so you can also enjoy this feature on the Sharechat app. 

Audio Messages: 

Social apps are not good without audio and video messages, nowadays people like to send audio messages to each other because of this these messages take low time. Voice messages are clearly comprehensible. So you can use this feature also. 


Stickers are famous on social media platforms and are essential for some people because some people like these stickers. Sharechat has some stickers by default but if you don’t like these stickers then you can customize or create stickers by yourself. This is a good feature of ShareChat Apk. 


ShareChat team uses to update their apps on a monthly or weekly basis so you can enjoy the updates of this app for free. 

Download feature: 

The cool feature of Sharechat is that you can download videos or content of other users which are publically available, so it’s a good feature because some social or content-sharing apps do not have this feature. 

Safe And Secure: 

ShareChat app is famous and has millions of downloads so you can download and use it without any security issues.

What’s New:

  • This update includes bug fixed
  • Fixed Issues
  • Updated Shake N Chat
  • New Stickers for ShareChat APK


Is it safe to use download and use ShareChat APK? 

Obviously yes, because our website contains virus-free content so you can download it without any problem. 

How can I download ShareChat APK? 

You can download ShareChat APK from by clicking on the download button it will redirect you to another download option/button you can click on it and your ShareChat APK will be downloaded soon. 


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